Posted by Carol Coupland
Club Activities are one of the main attractions in any club, and ours is no different. We currently have some great activities, but it is always good to keep things fresh by entertaining new interests as well.  Any Probus member can present an idea for an activity.  Any and all ideas are welcome. Outside activity groups have started up and lots of activities are now available.  Our last General Meeting is being held virtually utilizing our Club Zoom Account.  Invitations will be sent to all members.  Beginning in September our club is anticipating resuming face to face meetings as soon as a venue can be confirmed. All members are invited to attend these meetings!
As always, we hope our Probus Club members will support our club by becoming actively involved in  Club activities.  While being a club convenor is a no pressure, laid back role which we hope you will consider with any new activity you may want to see take place or join one of the activities with an existing convenor may prove to be more fun and interesting than you imagined.  
These are no pressure member activities, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue. We don't judge and we've all been there however you’ll never really know if you’ll like something unless you give it a try!
Walking Club: Once a week or more or less often. Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings?  City streets, park, seaside? Anytime, anywhere.  Walk locations can vary or be the same each time.  It’s all up to you.  After the walk members may take coffee at a local cafe. 
Kayaking:  Is done during the warmer months, weather permitting,  Danny Bereza heads this group and is willing to show the newbies how to get going.  This outing usually ends up with lunch at a nearby pub. 
Movie Night Out Club: Once a month on Monday,Tuesday or another evening at the Rialto in Courtenay (where the cushy recliner chairs are) followed by a brief discussion of the film after, perhaps over coffee/drinks.  Choice of film would rotate between club members.  What's more fun than a movie night out with friends? 
Book Clubs:
Page Turners Book Club:
Convenor: Jean Gray
Date & Time: last Tuesday of the month 1:30 - 3:30 
Place: meetings hosted by the member who has chosen that month's book. 
Cost: None
In The Company Of Cheerful Ladies Book Club:
Convenor: Louise Falkenberg
Date & Time: 2nd Thursday of the month 1:30
Place: hosting member (Each member takes turns in hosting)
Cost: None
In this book club, each member reads one or more books of their own choosing. We briefly discuss each book we have read for that meeting, and offer it to other members to read.
Current Affairs Discussion Group: 
Co-Convenors: Betty Donaldson & Dennis MacMahon
Date & Time: 3rd Monday of the month  2pm – 4pm 
Place: Zoom meetings or in the lounge at the Best Western Hotel.  Location to be advised before each meeting.
Cost: None
Dining Out & PUB Night Clubs: 
Note: These events alternate monthly
Convenors: Eric & Joan Van der Holt (Dining Out) & Ron Webber (PUB Night)
Date & Time: Approximately every 2 months at 5:30 pm 
Cost: Each attending member pays for their own meal/drinks, etc.
Place: an email will be sent several days before meeting to Probus members that have signed up re: date and place for dinner/PUB 
*Please RSVP to the convenor’s email so that correct reservations can be made.
Gardening Club: Convenor: Barbara Simonson
Date & Time: TBA (see note below)
Place:  TBA (see note below)
Cost: None, unless visiting a public garden with fee to enter, paid by member directly
Normally this club is active during the growing season and Barbara arranges various gardening events, such as local garden tours as well as information sessions, creative gardening projects, and trips to garden centres in the Valley, etc. Barbara has been sharing garden adventures with photos emailed to the group as well as arranging small group garden visits following COVID protocols from time to time.
Fun In The Kitchen 
Convenor: Liz Dattoo
Date & Time: last Friday of the month  
Place: TBA
Cost: None
This is a new club activity open to members who like to cook and want to explore various different foods.  Participants learn while they cook and then sit and share (virtually) their experience with the new dish.  
Golf Club:
Convenor: Dave Gray 
Date & Time:  Will be announced 
Place: TBA
Cost: Will be in accordance with the golf course(s).
We hope our Probus Club members will support our club by becoming actively involved in the Club activities presented.